Meet Meki

Meki Blackwell is an Orange County native and “Movement Specialist.”  Passionate about vocational calling and purposeful living, Meki views her work as practitioner of Pilates, dance, choreography, and myofascial release (manual release of connective tissue) through the lens of ‘thoughtful collaboration with the great Maestro of Creation’.  Despite congenital deformation, Meki enjoyed ten years of employment as a professional dancer and loves thorough, thoughtful discussions that provide insight to the human body, movement, health, the spiritual life and formation of the soul. She holds a B.A. and M.F.A. in dance, a dance specialization in Pilates, and is a published author of graduate research in fascia release, motor recruitment and movement efficiency.  Meki has lived in Asia and Europe as well as Orange County, feels somewhat certain that God is neither democrat nor republican, and cries every time she hears a good country song.  She loves expanding her community and is quite to be serving like-minded people interested in the journey to wholeness and wellness.

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